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Photograph taken in the Virgin Islands, by Liza Schillo

This section of Hope For The Oceans includes links to websites whose focus is on supporting teachers working with children grades K-12. Rather than include specific resource material here, this page is a portal to access further information specifically aimed at supporting teachers.

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Coral Reef Multimedia Project  Short movies and Mini-Documentaries about coral reefs.

Fish Songs For Children

International Year of the Ocean -NOAA Teacher Resources Website

NOAA's National Ocean Service Website For Educators

NOAA's Coral Reef Educational Resources CD For Teachers

OceanSite Reference For Teachers

OceanWorld: Educator Resources

Office of Naval Research:  Science and Technology Focus For Teachers

ReefEd -Educate To Keep It Great

ReefVid  Free videos clips of coral reefs for educational use.

The Teacher's Corner -Oceans

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Education Resources