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Liza Schillo1. Who is Liza:
A real person who inspired the coral reef paintings, the story about the reef and this website. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a major in Environmental Studies. In 2006 she  founded the nation's first Environmental Honors Fraternity
Epsilon Eta at Chapel Hill, with the intent of establishing other chapters in universities and colleges throughout the world. She is also a talented photographer. A selection of some of her recent photographs
in the photo archives of her work.

2. What is the mission of Liza's Reef:
The  mission of Liza's Reef  is twofold:

1) To help prevent any further destruction of  rain forests, coral reefs and other oceanic habitats by educating and inspiring others to join in the battle to save earth's environment.
2) To raise funds through the sale of the Liza's Reef paintings for  three environmental organizations and an orphanage on Fiji in the South Pacific.

3. What are the major sections of Liza's Reef:
Hope For The Oceans, Hope For The Rain Forests and The Paintings of Liza's Reef. 

4. What are Hope For the Oceans and Hope For The Rain Forests:
Science-based resource sub webs that present essential scientific information and an overview about the topics presented, and links to other quality resource websites for further in-depth information. They are designed to be portals and to direct the visitor to other high quality, scientifically legitimate and relevant  websites. Much attention has been paid to filtering out junk, spurious or inaccurate websites, and only posting of links that are of real value.

5. What are Lee Pantas' scientific credentials for authoring this website:
B.S. Biology, University of Vermont 1964; M.S. Freshwater Ecology, University of Vermont 1966; Ph.D. level graduate studies in Fisheries Biology, University of Michigan; Research Associate, Rhine Institute of Parapsychology / Institute For Research On The Nature Of Man, Durham, NC.