About Liza's Reef





1. Education and Inspiration:
To help prevent any further destruction of  rain forests, coral reefs and other oceanic habitats by educating and inspiring others to join in the battle to save earth's environment.

2. To Raise Funds For Sponsored Organizations: These include three environmental organizations and a children's orphanage in the South Pacific.   A significant percentage of the profits from the sale of any of the original paintings in the Liza's Reef series will be donated to the these organizations

Liza's Reef has three major sections: Hope For The Oceans, Hope For The Rain Forests, and The Paintings of Liza's Reef, and is the work of Lee James Pantas, a professional artist who also has degrees in Biology and Ecology. This website is intended to be an objective resource and gateway portal site that will  facilitate access to other, more comprehensive informational and relevant websites that are concerned with coral reef, oceanic and rain forest environmental issues.

Hope For The Oceans and
Hope For The Rain Forests are science-based sections of Liza's Reef that present general information about these issues as well as links to quality resource websites.

The Paintings of Liza's Reef  presents Mr. Pantas' paintings of an imaginary coral reef in the South Pacific.  One of the goals of Mr. Pantas' art is to help bring attention to the environmental dangers facing coral reefs and rain forests.

Heroes of Liza's Reef
St. Francis preaching to the birds, Liza's Reef Rachel Carson when she was a young woman, Liza's Reef    Steve Irwin, Liza's Reef
St. Francis of Assisi (1182-1266)
Rachel Carson (1907-1964) Steve Irwin (1962-2006)
The Catholic Church’s patron saint of animals. His canticle “Brother Sun and Sister Moon" is a testament to his profound respect for God and for nature. The mother of the modern environmental movement. biologist, writer and ecologist, in 1962 she wrote  "Silent Spring", a seminal book which changed the world. Steve Irwin, Australian naturalist and pioneer environmentalist, brought awareness of less popular and little known endangered species to the world.