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In 2003 I completed a painting of an imaginary coral reef I named "Liza's Reef". It is the first in a series  of coral reef paintings documenting the reef.

Original paintings and prints of the paintings in the Liza's Reef Series are available for purchase at  the artist's website

#1 Liza's Reef
Areiti -The Little Wave, by Lee James Pantas
#2 Areiti -The Little Wave 
Blue Angels, by Lee James Pantas
#3 Blue Angels
Starry Eyed Shark, by Lee James Pantas
#4 Starry Eyed Shark
The Garden of Departing Dreams, by Lee James Pantas
#5 The Garden of Departing Dreams
Queen of the Reef, by Lee James Pantas
#6 Queen of the Reef
The Twin Turtles of Oceania, by Lee James Pantas
#7 The Twin Turtles of Oceania 
A New World, by Lee James Pantas
#8 A New World
The Emerald Grouper, by Lee James Pantas
#9 The Emerald Grouper
Heart of the Reef, by Lee James Pantas
#10 Heart of the Reef
The Jeweled Octopus, by Lee James Pantas
#11 The Jeweled Octopus
The Kingdom of Namena, by Lee James Pantas
#12 The Kingdom of Namena
Journey to the Snow Coral, by Lee James Pantas
#13 Journey to the Snow Coral

Susanna Pantas -"Beautifully rendered paintings of nature, ourselves, and the imagined"